Artistic Credits

Our shop is packed-full with artists. These three below are particularly prolific and helpful with this online store.

Be sure to check them out! 

Erica Alicea

General Manager, Shop Ninja and Visual Artist

Visit Erica's portfolio at:

Shaylene Reynolds

Social Media Coordinator and Fine Artist

check out Shaylene's porfolio at:


Website and Social Media Management by So Sprightly at


  • Hello Uma, wonderful of you to comment on our site! Maybe you could drop by and bring some samples, as well as a price sheet? Also, I think it might be fun to pair our coffee with your tarts! Drop by and say hello ! ~ Brittany

  • Hi Steve/ Maxwell/ Shaylene,
    My name is Uma and I run a specialty bakery called Tart-a-licious. I was at your coffee shop a few weeks back and had met with Caodan Tran (this was before she left) and she recommended that I reach out directly to you.

    Tart-a-licious is one of a kind French pastry destination that specializes exclusively in Tarts and is constantly experimenting with flavor combinations. Our delicious, petite tarts are made with the finest local & seasonal ingredients. Made in small batches, everything is made from scratch and at a commercial kitchen.

    Some of our tarts would make excellent accompaniments for coffee. While we have a set of flavors, we are also open to customizing the tart flavors to go with your specific coffee roast (like your monthly contemporary roasts) etc.
    I would love to partner with you and am happy to meet you & sample my products. Do let me know if you are open to it. Thanks.

    Uma Iyer

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