Barista Competition

Drip Coffee is full of artists and go getters and, to say the least, competitive people. So, we decided to put on a barista competition to see just who had the top barista chops of the staff. 

Categories included:

Order of Operations (ie, most effecient)

Milk Texture (how good is the foam?)

Milk Temperature (too hot? not hot enough?)

Overall Quality (based on taste)


and Drink Calling

It was a crazy night with photographers, bloggers and videographers.. not to mention, BYOB. Needless to say, we got silly. 

We had some real surprises along the way and learned a lot about each other. One thing's for sure, we are a real crew here at Drip. 

Be sure to check out Drip Coffee Facebook Live, to see the details, learn who won and see who's latte art took the cake. 


Brittany @ Drip

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