Traditional Roast vs Contemporary Roast AND notes on the supply chain

Many of you may have noticed our "Contemporary Roast" sitting on the counter, or being carefully prepared in a Chemex. This is new to Drip, don't be shy. Have a sample! 

What is "Contemporary Roast"? 

Our New Contemporary Roast is a lighter roast that allows the coffee's origin characteristics to more easily shine. It can be likened to a blonde roast. 

While the contemporary roast might have mellow notes of sugar and fruit, malt and citrus, our traditional roast will taste more of cedar and camphor, pine and dark chocolate. 

What is Traditional Roast? 

Historically, Drip has roasted in a northern european style. These coffees are rich and often oily, roasted past second crack and into the dry-distillation phase of roasting.

Traditional roast coffee pairs exceptionally well with cream and sugar. It holds up under milk and syrup-based beverages and it gives our brews a decidedly different flavor from the cinnamon-roast-styles that are common on the market today.

We love the traditional roast because it reminds us of the crisp edges of a brownie, or the perfect char on a wood-fired pizza and, in the case of cold brew, our traditional roast is the best in town. It is milk chocolate, pecan and velvety (This is especially so of our Nitro).

Why Have More than One Roast?

We've decided to add an additional roast to our line up, to salute the great diversity of flavor that can exist in any one cup of coffee. 

Coffee beverages are the extract of coffee fruit-seeds that have been roasted and ground. The supply chain through which coffee reaches your lips is long and variable. At any point in the supply chain coffee qualities can be enhanced or hindered.  This matters because, in truth, no two brews of coffee are the same.

The delicate chemical reactions that take place while brewing coupled with the vast array of plant varieties, origins and processing methods, by reducing the "roast flavor", our "lighter" option truly highlights the unique-ness of the coffees we source. 

The coffee seeds we choose to feature as our contemporary roast are not arbitrary. They are chosen for their quality, their story and their sweetness. You can read their stories here on our web store by searching "contemporary roast". 


Drink up! 



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