Brazil 1 lb

Brazil 1 lb

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Nutty, Subtle, Mellow, Sweet.

This coffee stands great with cream and sugar. Personally, we like it in our cold brew blend and pressurized with nitro. 

Historic Notes 

Legend has it that coffee’s introduction to Brazil was a gift of a coffee tree from the Governor’s wife of French Guinea to a Brazilian naval officer. This single coffee tree started the largest coffee industry in the world.

As the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee, Brazil typically uses mechanical harvesters to pick their coffee-- unlike handpicked coffee from other countries such as Guatemala and Panama. Sorters at the mill separate the beans based on size, ripeness and quality.

Specialty Brazilian coffee has a sweetness and balance that makes it a staple in many coffee blends, and many of our customers serve it as a single origin coffee. We often find Brazil in espresso blends, too. The dry process and low acidity of the coffee helps to develop an espresso’s “crema”.