Java Estate 1 lb

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Our Traditional Roast Java Estate is a rich expression of old-world coffee. You'll find this brew to exhibit notes of floral and honey as well as roasted pecan. While, it can be very delicate, the roast degree is prevalent here.

~Pairs exceptionally well with cream and sugar, or stands great on its own.


Historical Notes

Thanks to the Dutch East Indies Trading Co., coffee plants spread out from the Heart of Africa to the Indonesian Islands in the early 1700s.

The island of Java became so rich with coffee that eventually the terms “Java” and “Coffee” developed the same meaning.

This current lot of “Java” was grown on a single estate with elevations ranging from 3000-5000ft. It is a blend of three long-embraced plant varieties (Typica, Bourbon and Catimor) making it historic and old world.